Monday, November 19, 2007

Money Woes

Ergh! I'm pretty sure that I posted an entry about us having some extra $. I have no idea what I was thinking. We have no $. I can barely keep our heads above water here.

We have to go out of town this week for T-giving. Logan's b-day is 12/16, Christmas is 12/25, our 10th anniversary is 12/27. And there just isn't enough $ to cover everything I want to do...barely enough to cover the bills.

I got on-line this morning to check my balance and about had heart failure. I had done some christmas shopping on-line and totally forgot about my insurance payment that was being withdrawn today. *sigh*

So, once again, I'll have to break out the emergency credit card and use that for groceries and our gas, etc for this trip. I guess I can transfer a little bit of money between our two checking accounts. Actually, I guess I won't even bother. I just checked the other's not worth messing with. LOL

I really need to get some more hours at work...4 hours/week just isn't cutting it. Although I LOVE my free time. I wish I didn't have to work at all...EVER! LOL