Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Better than nothin'

We stopped by Tammy's the other day and she told us that they are moving out to where Larry's mom lives--which is about 45 mins from us and that I could quit checking out real estate listings in the area. I hate it and am pretty upset. Not upset, I guess..just disaapointed. While they will still be closer than they were when they lived in TX--it's still pretty far.

No more calls saying, "I wanna stop by" don't "stop by" a house that is an hour out of your way! LOL They claim they will see us all the time since they will still be working here and Shelbea's soccer team is here. But how often do you think they are going to want to hang around here after work when they have an hour drive to get home you know?

But. it IS closer than TX and if I want to spend time with her I can hop in my car and be there in less than an hour..and if I want to meet her for lunch I can be at her work in 20 minutes. It'll be ok....and I'll be hapy for them, whether I like it or not! ;)