Thursday, March 29, 2007

Not Lucky...Blessed

My mom and I were out the other night. We went to see my brother--he is mentally handicapped and works at a the workshop they were having American Idol--Tony was in the top 12 so we went to vote for him. It was a lot of fun and he did a great job..I will post the video soon.

Anyway, on the way there, mom and I were talking about my cousin going off on some kind of drunken one has seen him in days and he has charged a LOT of money on my aunts credt card.

My mom is a recovering alcoholic (as is my dad). My mom was in an alcohol treatment center for 30 days while I was in 3rd grade. It was a really rough time...but I am so thankful she was able to get the help she needed when she needed it most.

So, I told my mom, that she was so lucky that none of her children got "messed up" with drugs and alcohol..that it would have been so easy for that to happen considering the alcoholism gene that runs in our veins.

And she said: "I'm not lucky...I am blessed."

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blog Template Contest!!

My blog could definitely use some prettiness. I think it's cute, until I look at others. It could be SO much I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win this contest!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

My thoughts exactly

I pretend I am a good blogger and the 20 or so people that read my blog daily think I am the BOMB! Truth writing pretty much sucks and is pretty boring.

I read a lot of other blogs and some of them are SO good...funny stories and well written thoughts, I lust after those blogs.

I was reading one of my favorites this morning and he writes so much better than I ever could...but it was as if his thoughts were my own. So instead of fumbling around for an hour trying to get my thoughts into a series coherent sentences. I'll just direct you to the much more entertaining version of my thoughts on John Edwards.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am ready for the warm weather---I ordered K and I each four pair of flip flops from Old Navy..they got here yesterday with the boys summer clothes! I am SO excited!

I'm WAY too young!

I went to the dr. on Monday and when she tested my reflexes...I don't have one in my right she felt like it was a nerve pinching issue. She sent me for x-rays and gave me some prescriptions.

She called yesterday and said that I have arthritis in my hip and lower back. Wait! Aren't I too young for that?!?! I'm depressed.

She ordered physical therapy, but I don't really have time for PT and have no interest in going. My insurance will pay for 12 visits with a chiropractor..I might try that first. (How stupid is it that the ins will pay for 30 visits to the chiro if you are under 21, over 21 is 12?!?!? That makes NO sense to me!) My mom talked to my step-mom last night and told her to tell me she would try to help me feel better. (she is a massge therapist). I have never had her give me a massage before because I don't want her to see my back fat! LOL I think the pain might make me not care!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


It's Sunday evening and I have been on the couch all day with an aching hip. It hurts SO bad. I'm not sure what I did to it...but it feels like it wants to pop out of the socket or something and isn't quite there. I have rubbed it, stretched it, twisted it...everything I can think of to do to it..and it just won't quit. The only thing that helps is staying off of it and Vicodin. *sigh*

When I was PG with my kids it would do the same thing and I could pull my foot up into my lap and kinda stretch it and it would get better. No dice this time. sucks. stupid hip.

I hope I wake up tomorrow and have had a miraculous recovery.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Easy Saver

My bank has this cool new savings account option called Easy Saver. The way it works is that everytime we use our debit card, they round the $ amount up to the dollar and debit the account for that much, and then take the difference and deposit into the savings account. I signed up a week and a half ago and already have $10.59!! Not too bad for savings that I don't have to even think about. It's made saving a no brainer and I love that.

While checking my balance today I was looking at an online calculator to see how long it would take to save a specific amount of money. What I need to do is find a place to transfer my no brainer savings so I can get a higher interst rate. After looking around a little bit, I realized that I can Compare online banking, find a savings account or checking account and earn more interest today with I was really excited to find it, I love when I find the information I need with a few taps of the keyboard and clicks of the mouse.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kidney Stone

Kyle woke up Saturday morning with some back and groin pain and kept feeling like he had to go potty...even when he didn't have to. So I took a shower and got ready to take him to Urgent Care. Then the pain stopped and he felt better. So, I ran to the store and got him cranberry juice and made him drink, drink, drink. Then I went to get a pedicure and my nails done! :)

He was feeling better and then sunday night I was asleep on the couch and woke up with him kneeling on the couch next to me with his head on my stomach. I asked him what was wrong and he said his back was killing him. I asked him if he wanted some ibuprofen and he said he thought he needed to go to the hospital. So, I called my mom to come stay with the kids and we went to the ER.

He was in SOOOOOO much pain. We went to the closest hospital and he was so umcomfortable he couldn't sit still..he paced and sat down and got back up. I felt so bad for him. the ER was so crowded and one of the people there said she had been there 4 hours. I knew there was no way Kyle was going to be able to handle 4 hours at least of this pain. so I went out in the hall and called another hospital..they said their wait was about an hour. So we left.

It took 5 mins to get across town, amazing how fast you can get places at 1 am when there is no traffic!! I dropped him at the door and went to park the car. When I came in, they had already taken him back. Within 15 minutes he had an IV in and morphine. I was SOOO glad I called and took him there!

He got a CAT scan that revealed he had a 2mm kidney stone. The dr. said he thought he would have no problem passing it and it should pass in the next few hours. They sent him home with Vicodin and Phenergan. We stopped at a 24 hr. pharmacy to get his meds filled and were home by 4:30, in bed by 5. Needless to say, my kids were an hour late for school the next morning! LOL

We went to the urologist yesterday afternoon and he got meds to relax the ureter (?) and he goes back in for another CAT scan in a week. He spent most of the day drugged and in pain. We went to dinner with my family last night..he was pretty miserable..but it was free food..and we weren't about to miss that! LOL

At 10:52 last night he finally passed the stone. He was SO happy. The ER had given him a strainer and a cup to put the stone in when he passed it. So, he came in the bedroom and flipped on the light to wake me up, and said "I have a present for you". So, I sat up and looked at looks like a really small stone!! I am SO glad it's over with. He was so miserable..I would much rather be in pain than see him in pain. It was awful. I hope he never has another one.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Nosiness

I was surfing this's my sunday morning ritual..I get up, walk to the couch, open the laptop and it begins. Sometimes I leave my post to feed the kids and make sure they are ok..only sometimes though!

Anyway, I was surfing and ended up on the website of a church I attended a long time ago. They had pictures on the site and of course I looked...I actually spent a longer time than is probably healthy looking at people I don't know or haven't seen in a long time. One of the girls I knew is married and has a baby...I remember the last time I talked to her she was looking into a Christian Dating Service. She was feeling "old" and like her prince would never come, etc, etc. Now I am curious as to whether she found him through that or not.

Looks like I have a good reason to call her and catch up! Is it wrong that nosiness is pushing me to rekindle our friendship?...NAH!!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nifty New Widget

Fuel My Blog has changed their site and updated their widget thingies. Check it out!! Every click is a vote for my blog so, THANKS! Definitely an easy way to get more traffic on your blog if you need to/want to do that.

UPDATE: How sad is it that I was writing this and falling asleep. I woke up at 3 am and remembered I had been writing something somewhere and couldn't remember what or where!! I got out of bed and started going to all the places I post,etc. As soon as I saw this entry I remebered..whew! That was a REALLY weird feeling!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Flip-flop Weather!!

It was close to 60 today! SIXTY!! I am so excited. My dining room window has been wide open all day letting in fresh air...and it feels SO good!! I'm loving it.

40ish degrees is my personal cut off for flip flops (unless I'm lazy and they are close by). My friend, Barby lives in Miami and her cut off is 70!! LOL

This week it is going to be in the upper 50's and lower 60's! the flip flops are SO coming out of the closet!! I think I might skip over to oldnavy and order some new ones just 'cause! :)

Definitely need to see if I can scrape some $ together to get a pedicure though. My feet are a little scary and neglected latetly.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The sweetest thing

My mom is in the hospital. She was VERY sick for about 3 weeks with the "the BIG D" and got dehydrated, her electrolytes were all out of whack..and her potassium was low...and she had a heart rate of about 40. So, they admitted her and are giving her fluids and potassium and she is feeling better. She had a stress test this morning...hopefully she will get to home this evening.

So..I said ALL that to say....

last night I was visitng her and we were talking to the nurse and all of the sudden I heard "rock a bye baby" playing..I looked around for a cell phone and didn't see anything. I looked around for a music box. nothing. then I looked at mom and the nurse and they are conversing..not looking I wonder if the music is in my know, like the voices. *wink*

Just when I was getting used to the idea of having music accompany me everywhere I asked what it was. The nurse then explained that a baby was just born...everytime a baby is born they play "rock a bye baby" over the speakers through the whole hospital. Isn't that the SWEETEST thing? I almost cried. really.

and for a split second I wanted to get PG, BE PG for 9 months..and deliver what would probably be a 14 lb. baby, just so I could deliver at that hospital and have the music played for my baby. Seriously.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Finished room

We got the boys room done yesterday. It is SO cute. We all love it. I used Windows Vista and put the pictures into a movie..which is also cute. Check it out here: (windows vista is SO cool!)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

So tired!

I'm so tired. It's not even 10 and I am ready to fall asleep right where I sit. *YAWNNNN* I might have to lay down on the couch and nap until K is ready to head to bed.

In other news, the bunk beds got here today. They are so nice. Kyle got one bed put together tonight and will finish them tomorrow. The room looks SO good. We are doing a space theme and it is turning out so cute. I'll post pics once it is all fone. :)

Ok...I'm going to hit the keybaord with my face if I don't lay down now. ROFL

Spring is in the air

It was actually kind of warm today...I think it got up to around 50. The snow is melting and I think I heard some birds singing this morning....I even wore sandals to take Logan to school this morning! Spring is definitely in the air. YAY!

Speaking of Sandals...I was looking for a place where I can buy reef sandals online. My friend, Teresa has a pair and they are SO cute. I saw hers towards the end of the season last year so I didn't bother to look for them then. But I think I going to get some this year. This site that I found carries several types/brands of sandals and seem to have pretty good prices. I'm thinking I definitely see a pair (or two) in my future!! Bring on the nice weather!!!