Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Catch UP

Once again I have let so much time pass between posts that I have to play "catch up". I wonder why I am so lazy and can't keep up with this. Every "issue" in my life is some result of my laziness. I think I need an anti-lazy pill or something.

So, we are in TN at the inlaws. my FIL fell off of their 18 foot deck onto the concrete below Monday night. He broke both of his femurs, his fibula, his hip, his heel, his wrist, and a vertebrae. He is a severe diabetic and is on dialysis 3 times a week so this trauma has really thrown his body for a loop. On Wednesday he suffered a stroke. and he has developed some heart problems and has been put on medication to keep that under control. He has a very high temp and is fighting an infection somewhere in his body. He is talking some but is unresponsive a lot. He has started eating. They moved him out of ICU last night. We are really just playing a waiting game so to speak. the consensus of the hospital staff is that they don't think he will make it out of the hospital (although they are surprised he has made it this far) he has good days and bad days and so we pray and wait. We plan to stay here for another week.

Kyle got a call from the cable company (finally) yesterday and had a pre-interview. they are calling him to set up a one on one interview next week. We are very excited and are keeping our fingers crossed that he gets hired. The pay isn't great but the benefits that's good. :)

I have gotten a few leads on some work from home stuff. the one job I was basically hired for but I am second guessing wether I should take it or not since it is a full time job. hmmm.

My aunt is doing somewhat better. They did end up giving her a tracheotomy to let her vocal chords heal. she was able to eat a little the other day. she remains in ICU until she no longer needs the breathing tube.

My grandma has moved to an assisted living place since my aunt is unable to care for her now. She is acting strange and has done a major regression in caring for herself, etc. My mom said she acts like an invalid now. :( It's very sad.

I guess that gets me caught up. I will try to do better, blah blah blah.......