Thursday, August 18, 2005

Interview day

We are finally home from TN. My FIL is doing much better and we had to be home today for Kyles interview with the cable company. the interview is at 3 and I will be glad when it is over. I am hoping he gets some kind of inkling of wether he will be hired or not. He really really needs this job so we are keeping everything crossed and really praying.

Lee (BIL) is coming in town tomorrow with his new "girlfriend", Lanie. We should meet her sometime this weekend. I am excited to meet her. They have never met in person before. He met her online in a Republican chat room and they have emailed and talked on the phone since. I wonder if she will be able to stand him in person. I know I hardly can. LOL He was trying to figure out how "fat" she is. She is 5'11" and wears a size 14. I told him that she ISN'T fat. then he asked what size I wear...a 12? HA!! I told him that she isn't bone thin but she probably has a little meat on her and looks really good. He said that she says she is huge. I told him that is just a girl being a girl and that she wants him to tell her how she is so NOT huge when he sees her! LOL

Mom and I are heading to PA with my uncle and cousins tomorrow for my other cousins wedding. We are driving up tomorrow, spending the night, going to the wedding and driving home saturday night. Talk about a whirlwind trip. I wasn't for sure that I was going until just the other day. I wonder if there is any chance that Renee could meet up with me Friday night. LOL I think its only a 4 hour drive for her....she should have no problem with that, huh? LOL


Cindy said...

*I'D* drive 4 hours to see you! LOL! Do it, Renee!!!