Tuesday, March 08, 2005

HOME...sick, but home

Kyle's brother was sick while we were in TN and by Sunday Kyle was sick and today the boys are sick and I am heading that way. They all have fevers and coughs and are miserable. They are all sleeping a lot so that is good I guess. I have a stupid cough, that makes me wet my pants if I cough too hard! which is such a NICE thing to experience!! *rolleyes*

I have to finish my test calls for one of my jobs tonight. I took 3 of them while I was in TN but I need 10 before I can actually get on the schedule. Hopefully, tonight will be busy and I can get them done quickly.

I got my layoff notice for one of my other jobs....I knew it was coming and am kind of relieved. the worry of when it was coming was stressing me out and now I can focus on something else and move on.

My OTHER job starts tomorrow night and I am kind of excited about that. It is just one night a week, but should be interesting.

My schoolwork has been lacking lately. I really need to set aside some time and get busy on that. I'd like to get through it quickly.

My mom is thinking about buying a house 5 houses up from mine, on the same side of the street. She is in the process of seeing if she can get financed for it. I am excited about the posibility but trying to not get my hopes up. It would be nice to have her closer as she is getting older and caring for my brother. there are lots of times that she needs help, but driving 20 mins to bring her a gallon of milk can be a pain. This will be MUCh more convenient...I'm really NOT selfish! ;)


Renee said...

So glad you are back but sad you all are sick!:-( I hope your mom gets the house close to you! That would be AWESOME!!!:-)