Thursday, October 13, 2005

lots to do...don't wanna do it!!

We are heading to Tn tomorrow. Mom is going with us and K is going to drop off mom and I at my friend Ritas house and then he is going on down to my MIL's with the boys. Mom and I will stay with rita's mom and then we are going to go shopping and stuff on Saturday for BABY stuff!! I am so excited to see them and to pat her belly!! :) It will be a quick trip...we are coming back on Sunday afternoon.

SO...before tomorrow at noon I have to:
do laundry
clean the living room and kitchen
give all 3 boys ;) haircuts
bathe my children and myself (K can handle his own shower LOL)
work from 7-9 tonight
clip the kids toenails and fingernails
repaint my toenails
take Logan to school tomorrow morning
take Jack to the boarder
go to the grocery

and I don't want to do ANY of it. K is busy all day over at the "family house" hanging drywall and fixing holes in walls etc so it can be sold.'s all on me. goody for me!


Marki said...

Have a great trip!

Lynda W said...

I know you are coming back today, so I hope you had a wonderful trip!

Playground in my Mind said...

I hope that your trip was more than worth all of the work it took to get there;) Renee