Sunday, July 17, 2005


gosh it's hot. sitting in my a/c'd house it is HOT! If I sit real still and don't move, I am comfortable. otherwise I am burning up. SO...since I have had to get up umpteen times to deal with Logan, I am hot...and getting annoyed...because I am HOT! UGH.

My brother is here tonight because my mom had to go to my grandmas because my aunt, who usually stays with her is very ill and in the hospital. :( I am not real sure what is going on with her or if we are getting the whole story. all I DO know is that she has been very sick with throwing up and diarrhea for 2 days, tests showed a large mass on her intestine, they did exploratory surgery and removed part of her colon. They are keeping her heavily sedated tonight...I will probably go tomorrow to see her.

Kyle is out fishing with his cousins. I can't imagine WHY he wants to sit out in this nasty HOT weather!! ;) I hope he is having a good time. I worry about his "mental health" since he isn't working and has really no other contact than with me and the kids! so, hopefully, he will have a good time...he went about a month ago and really enjoyed it.

off to go find some oreos and milk.


Cindy said...

I hope Kyle had a good day!

Don't melt, chica!

Lynda W said...

I have a nice new pack of Oreos that we just bought. I think we are almost out of milk, though. Acck! I hope it cools down for you all soon.

Rick said...

advice: find a BREEZE. if at least the heat & humidity are being blown around a little, you'll feel it.