Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Kyle!!

Today is my hubbys birthday! He is THIRTY! I was looking at all the gray in his hair today...he is getting old!! ;) Of course we won't talk about the fact that I am 6 months older than him and I have MUCH more gray hair. LOL

The kids and I gave him cards and a GPS, so we can take up the "sport" of GeoCaching. He really liked it! :) Aunt Sally sent the kids a letter and $20 in McDonalds GC's so they could take daddy there for a birthday party. SO, the kids are all gung-ho to go today and K just wants to be lazy at home. We MIGHT be able to hold the kiddies off until tomorrow!! :)

I am going to go pick up an ice cream cake later, Kyle doesn't like "real cake". he's an odd one.


Renee said...

Kevin doesn't like "real" cake either! WEIRDO'S!!lol Happy Birthday Kyle!:-)

Jeff Stilwell said...

My wife's hair turned grey, mine turned loose. She just turned 32, i'm about to turn 34. I WANT MY HAIR BACK!!

Lynda W said...

Jeff doesn't like "real" cake either! What a bunch of fruit loop men we have!