Friday, July 22, 2005

Just Stuff

Logan lost his 1st tooth last night! It's one of the front upper ones (the left one to be exact). He looks SO cute. LOL It's really too early for him to be losing teeth..but he got hurt a few months ago and it has been kinda loose since then. He got $2 from the fairy and was SO excited. he's wearing his money in a cap on his head! LOL

My aunt is doing ok...they have unsedated her but she is still on the respirator. they tried to take her off yesterday, but her heart rate skyrocketed so they had to turn it back on. they are going to try again today. she is on heavy pain meds so she is still sleeping most of the time. she did open her eyes while we were there and we got to tell her happy birthday (she turned 63). She nodded her head "yes" when my mom said "this sure is a hell of a way to spend a birthday, huh?" She was very agitated and frustrated at not being able to talk to us and being in pain...I kept telling her to just relax and that it was ok. I stroked her forehead...and then the nurse sai.d that touching her stimulates her and makes her uncomfortable. so i stopped that. I thought I was helping though since she seemed to calm down some. oh well. So she eventually fell back to sleep and we left for fear of waking her again. I'll either go back today or tomorrow.

It's still so ungodly hot here. We might take the kids downtown to play in the fountain....IF I wanna hang out in the heat.

Kyle might be getting a job with the cable company. It's a sales position which he REALLY doesn't want...but the benefits are so good. He would like to have a technician job with them in the future. so maybe this is the place to start. hopefully, we will hear something definite soon.


Cindy said...

I'm keeping your aunt in my prayers, sweetie.

Good luck to Kyle...maybe this is a good way to get his "foot in the door"???