Saturday, October 01, 2005

He "had" a job....

K went for an interview last week. It was a marketing/promotional position for a tobacco company. No benefits but the money wasn't too bad. He was told that if he passed his background check he would be hired. He passed the check...the guy called him...asked him to come in and meet with him again and that he would have an offer letter for him. He also told him to be sure and bring his proof of car ins.

SO..K goes yesterday..(despite a 102) fever. he drives 30 mins to get there. Gets there and the guy tells him that they have decided they are going to put the "Dayton Market" on hold for awhile. UGH! K was annoyed to say the least. The guy said they had just decided that an hour before the scheduled meeting. how freaking frustrating.

SO, the plan for now is for me to work as much as I can for my IRS position. If I can get 40 hours a week doing that...we should be ok...for the most part.


Lynda W said...

Good lord, how frustrating this is for you guys!

Cindy said...

What a freaking pisser. I'm sorry, honey...that just bites. (((hugs)))