Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday again

Sundays must be my blog days. I seem to post a lot on Sunday! LOL

Logan started school this week. I am thinking about starting his own blog with his school pics and what he did each day etc. something for the grandmas and aunts to check out!! :)

Been working a lot since we are so busy with RC calls. Kyle got hired as a temp employee so between the 2 of us we are working a lot.

We have been watching season 3 of 24 we have one more hour to go and we will be done. I LOVE 24. I can't wait to see season 4. It'll be awhile though..there are some movies we want to see and we need to watch season 2 of Nip/ all the fall shows will be starting again very soon. we are going to be busy tv watchers! :lol I need to start working on my knitting and crocheting again so i at least feel productive while I am watching all that tv!!

I got my school stuff all squared away so now I have until February 2 to order my exam. I need to get myself on a many hours a day for school and so many a day for work....and time for the kids...and time for all those tv shows. Oh..and time to clean the house I guess. Hmmm..I think I might need more than 24 hours in a day! LOL Really though..I have NOO idea how working moms do it.....and moms that work AND go to school?!? WOW! I just couldn't do it..but I am a pretty lazy person. LOL

Church was good last Sunday. I really enjoyed it. I'd like to go back when it is a "normal" service and not a special speaker there to see how it normally is. During the praise and worship they sang the same song for like 20 mins at least. It made me a little nuts!! lol I might go to a different church tonight. It's an Assemblies of God church I have been curious to attend. I just have to get my rear in gear and go.

Signed up for 2 secret shopper shops to do this week. We'll be eating out and "shopping" for an RV on Thursday. sounds fun to me!! LOL

Al is moving back in with mom. They have been working on some things and been "dating" and things are going well with Tony and him. I hope it works out. I guess what made her decide is that up until this point tony has been totally "anti-Al". He doesn't want him around, etc. So, mom said that she was praying about and told God that if he wanted her to work on her marriage and have Al back in, He was going to have to change tony's heart. The next day tony came home from work and said....out of the clear blue..."I guess Al can move back. When is he moving in?" LOL So...he hasn't moved in yet..they are taking it slow with him just being around more etc. Today tony is on a trip with the MRDD place and mom and Al are out and about to some loca festivals. which I think is really wonderful.

Mom and I were throwing around the idea of going to disney for our christmas present this year. last night. I'm not sure if it will happen or not but I would LOVE to go!! It all started because dylan announced that he needs to go to "Mickey Mouse world". LOL we'll see .

Ok. I am going to stop now because this is getting so long and all over the place. LOL


Renee said...

Well you are a busy lady! I feel like we never talk anymore and i miss you!:(:(:(:(

I hope things for your mom and Al work out. I'll pray for them!

Cindy said...

I miss you too...but I know it's my fault because I'm hardly ever online anymore! Wah!

Lynda W said...

Sounds like you have been really busy! I'm glad things are going well for you. :)

Lynda W said...

It's Sunday again and I waited to see if you were going to post an entry today! LOL

Lynda W said...

Tricia, BLOG something! Don't wait until Sunday!! Give us a treat and do a weekday blog entry! LMAO!!