Saturday, October 29, 2005

catching up...

So, we went on our trip and had a wonderful time. I rubbed ritas belly all weekend and we went shopping and got her cute maternity clothes and big maternity panties. LOL It was very fun and I had a nice break from my hubby and the boys! :)

My hours haven't increased at all at work and one of my jobs has the possibility of being "no more". I am trying not to stress about it. not until we get home from our vacation anyway. LOL

Tony's birthday was last week. We had dinner at moms..tacos and burritos. He had a batman cake and got quite a few gifts. We always have such a hard time buying him gifts because he is a man, but thinks like a child. He says he wants toys but really has no desire to play with them. My kids were THRILLED with his gifts though. LOL He also got clothes and shoes and new PJ's. so he did quite well for a 35th b-day.

My birthday is this week. Thursday. I'll be 31. THIRTY-ONE. I don't WANT to be 31. seems like having kids has made life speed up. I want everything to slow WAY and down. Mom is making me a birthday dinner and bought me a gift (yay) and we are leaving on Sat for that will be my gift from K. That's what happens when you have no money...things you would do anyway become your "gift". LOL

Having some issues with Logan. Basically, he is a big baby. LOL If he doesn't get his way, he cries and throws a fit and acts like a little brat. I have worked at his school a couple times and he acts so awful, I am embarrased. I was hoping that he acted worse when I was there, but his teacher told me that he acts just the same. oh goody. The kids don't really like him...probably because he acts like such a baby. I don't know what to do about it. I worry about next year when he is in Kindergarten at a new school with new "friends". We are working on letting him know he doesn't need to cry and whine over everything and he doesn't need to completely freak out. It is very frustrating. Yesterday he stole a little plastic frog from school. so he was sent to his room for 15 minutes and on Monday he has to take it back to his teacher and apologize. he told me that he steals because he doesn't have anything. which is just laughable it is SO absurd. He has lots and lots and lots of things. I told him if he steals again he won;t be getting any birthday presents (in December) because little boys that steal don't deserve gifts. I am pretty sure I SUCK at this parenting thing!

Monday is Halloween. Logan will be Batman and Dylan will be Robin. they are SO cute in their little costumes. LOL Logan has a Halloween party at school on Monday. they dress up in their costumes and have a parade around the neighborhood. I might have to drive up there and see that. :)

We carved pumpkins last night. they turned out SO good! I was really impressed with my drawing abilities and Kyles carving. One is a normal jack-o-lantern with triange eyes and nose and missing teeth, one has eyes that are flames, and Logan "designed" one with round eyes and eyelashes, a pac-man nose, and jagged mouth. LOL Logan drew his on paper and then I drew it on the pumpkin. I'll post pics later.

No big plans this weekend. I want to go through the kids toys and books and weed out the stuff no longer played with, etc. I want to run up to KMart and look for some t-shirts for K to wear around the house. everything he has has holes in it.

Amelia is going to boarding school tomorrow. I might run over there and tell her good-bye. Play the part of the nice "big sister".

I guess that gets me all caught up for now.

Until next time...........


Cindy said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about your work hours. That bites. Hopefully when you get back from your trip, they'll up them for you.

Yikes on going to boarding school! Does she WANT to go?

I can't wait to see your pumpkins! (Oooh, that sounds kinda dirty! LOL)