Saturday, July 02, 2005

Finally HOME!!

We have been gone, for what seems like forever! We left on June 21 to head down to tampa to get our new car. We planned to be back home within a week....that turned into 11 days!! So, we are home now..and are leaving in 3 days to head to Canada for a 5 day vacation there. I'm not even unpacking the suitcases..that would be dumb. :lol I need to get to the bank to deposit some money, pay some bills, get to the post office and to the grocery today. good times!!

SO, we have our new car and I am thrilled. It has more miles on it than we expected and we had to have $700 worth of repairs done to it before we could drive it home, but it is a great car and is SO nice to have something with some room. Putting 2 car seats in a Jeep was REALLY sucking!!

We got to take the kids to the beach while we were in FL...they LOVED it! Kyle and I got really burnt though and are still dealing with the pain from that. Kyle had the worst sunburn I have ever seen in my life! It was GROSS. he had HUGE>>>HUGE blisters on his 3 inches in diameter in puffed WAY could see them through his shirt. it was GROSS. Now that the blisters and skin is gone has 2 very large raw spots on his upper arms. It's really awful.

We stayed with my SIL at MacDill AFB...which was so nice. it is right on the bay and you can see the water from her front door. SO pretty! The night we arrived, K and I were out unloading the car at was all quiet and dark and then all of a sudden we heard a trumpet playing TAPS. It was SOOOO neat. I told Kyle it was one of the neast experiences of my life....he said that was sad! LOL so, the base plays taps at 10 and revelie at 5:30 am....needless to say, I never heard revelie! LOL

On the way home from Tampa, I sent Kyle and the boys on to my MIL's with my SIL and I met my friend Cindy who lives right outside Atlanta. It was SO nice to see her. I also got to meet her friend Leslie who was on her way to Tampa. LOL We had a very nice visit...I only wish it could have been longer.

So, I guess that gets me pretty caught up. No big plans this weekend just getting ready for the next trip. :)


Cindy said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. I wish you could have stayed longer, but I'm glad for ANY time together we get! Have fun in Canada!!! I wish I could go!

Lynda W said...

How fun! I am sorry that Kyle got a sunburn. I know how painful those can be! I haven't chatted with you in awhile so when you get back from your latest trip (yes, I say that with jealousy dripping), we will have to catch up. Congrats on the new car!!!