Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I am so tired. I went to bed at 2:30ish and Logan got up at 6:30! I got him to go back to bed until 7 and then he was up again. YAWN! Kyle was supposed to get up with the kids today, but he didn't wake up and I felt bad about waking him, here I sit while he snoozes away. I think a nap is definitely in my plans today! :)

Moms house is being appraised today, so I have to walk down there at 10 with a check for the guy. Things are moving along smoothly and we are so excited. I went with her yesterday to pick out new living room furniture. She ended up with a black and cream striped couch and a loveseat rocker in a black and white toile. It is SOOO cool!! She is going to paint a few of her walls red and the others a very light gray and do the trim in cream. As we were finishing up her order on the furniture we remembered that the carpet in the new house is light blue!! LOL SO..she is now in the market for a large area rug!!

Looks like we are probably going to have to get a lawyer to fight this thing with Kyles work. I don't know if the union guy is an idiot or just doesn't want to mess with it, but trying to get this man to understand why Kyle was WRONGLY fired is like pulling teeth. Everyone else I tell the whole story to, "gets" that it was unfair and makes no sense. UGH!! It makes me so frustrated.

K was denied unemployment because they have no recored that he even worked last month. The co. never reported his earnings. SO, we have to get his attendance and payroll records from HT. K called last week and spoke to the HR woman and she said she would get it all together for him. He called to check on it yesterday, since it has been a week, and the woman is on vacation until the end of the month!! I am SOOO mad. It's like the people at that company have no decency what so ever. K is going to call and talk to the HR manager today to see if he can get the info from him. K is pretty sure that he won't get the stuff though. I told him that someone in payroll has access to all that info and it shouldn't be too hard to get. Of course this is the co that sucks, so we'll see. If K wouldn't get mad at me, I would call and talk to these people myself and I would go sit in their offices until I got what I wanted. Kyle is just too nice I think and sometimes, you just have to be bitchy to get things done right!!!

Dylan has been very sick with a fever for a few days. I finally took him to the ER the other day and he had an infection in each ear. they were pretty bad infections...he had to get 2 shots of antibiotics and the dr. prescribed tylenol with codeine for the pain. Even on drugs the child doesn't sleep through the night!! he is feeling much better today.

Well, Dylan just brought me a bag of chicken I guess I better go nuke some for him.


Renee said...

About time you posted again! Tell Kyle to go kick some ass at his old job. They are being ridiculous! I hope dylan's ears feel better soon. Poor kiddo. I hope you get some rest too! Just think when your boys are teens they prob won't get up on weekends till noon or after!lol Think toward the future!lol