Sunday, September 04, 2005


Taking calls for the red cross. People are so generous and have such big hearts..everyone was affected by this tragedy. I have taken pledges for $5 up to $500 and every person says how they wish they could do more. If people aren't calling to donate they are wanting info on how to donate clothes or open their home to a refugee. People are so generous. I am so blessed to be a part of this.

Yesterday was Kyles famiy reunion. We had lots of yummy food and played games. My kids were good until almost time to go home when they insisted on leaving the yard, running down the block and not coming back when I called them. They were spanked and made to sit on the couch until we left. we just can NOT have them running off and not listening. ugh. but for the most part they were good.

Mom and I are going to a new church tonight. Tommy Tenney is there speaking. We "know" his dad, T.F. Tenney. so, we want to check out what the son is all about. Especially since he and his father share different religions. I have been wanting to visit this church anyway....


Lynda W said...

You got your picture up! I just love it!

Justin refuses to listen to us and after we have said things over and over to him, we finally have to resort to punishment. I don't know why kids don't listen!!

It is so wonderful that you are donating your time to the Red Cross. I bet it feels so good to get each and ever one of those calls. :)