Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shoping with mom....

Since we are leaving tomorrow to go to TN, I have to go get my boys something to wear to church. How sad is it that they don't have any "church clothes"?? I am hoping to find a church I like soon and start going. I think going to church is so important and I want to instill that in my boys. I have just failed miserably at that, thus far. :(

Anyway, mom is picking me up in a bit and we are going to get our nails done and head to the mall. I'm excited. I guess that means Kyle will be in charge of getting the laundry done for our trip!! ;)


Lynda W said...

Justin doesn't have any "dress" clothes either. I would be in a real pickle if I had to take him to something where he had to be in a suit or really nice clothes.

I hope you had fun getting your nails done and spending time with your Mom!

Renee said...

How fun to go shopping with your mom! I wish my mom lived closer!! I bet you had FUN!!:-)