Monday, December 12, 2005

Year in Review

Saw this over at Cindy's and enjoyed reading it so I decided to join the fun! :)

I started my blog in it's not a WHOLE year....LOL

February: I have had an online journal before.

March: We used to live in Knoxville when I was in 6th grade.

April: My mom just recently got a new cat.

May: My friend R has joint custody of his daughter M.

June:'s almost been a month since I posted.

July: We have been gone, for what seems like forever!

August: Once again I have let so much time pass between posts that I have to play "catch up".

September: I'm annoyed with the cable company since they refused to hire my husband to work for them.

October: I am SO thrilled and utterly excited!!

November: Today is my 31st B-day, I woke up with a yeast infection.

December: Bill collectors..... SUCK!

OK Cindy's was much better reading than mine!! ROFL


Cindy said...

Actually, once I read over mine, I was like "That's it?" ROFL! Yours made me giggle though, because three times your post was "wow it's been so long since I posted!" Hahahaha!