Friday, December 09, 2005

Counting my blessings....

I am sitting in a warm home, with food in my stomach, (and more in the kitchen). I have a car in my driveway that takes us where we need to go. I have a washer and dryer in my basement that lets me to stay home and do laundry instead of trudging to the landromat. I have clothes and a warm coat....gloves and a hat too! I have a big screen tv with cable and a DVR....I have 2 computers and internet access. I have a job. I have a husband that I love with all my heart...and he loves me back. And we have 2 beautiful, precious, healthy children. We ARE blessed.

Life is rough right now...but could be a bazillion times worse. I AM thankful for all we have. sometimes the good that is in my life gets clouded out by the little bit of Yuck.....I don't want the "yuck" to take over. I want to remember all that I have and always be thankful.

We have 6 inches of snow outside....Logan is home from school. We are going to decorate the tree and make cookies. Life is good.


Renee said...

Ok i totally have tears in my eyes.

I am thankful for good friends like you!*hug*

dakotablueeyes said...

Very Well said. Alot of people should do this when they feel things in their life are getting bad. Bill suck but yeah I have my family to love and they love me back, it just doesn't get better than that.