Saturday, October 01, 2005

Lee and his lady

I never updated on meeting "Lanie" Lee's girlfriend.

We only spent about 30 mins total with her. But she seemed to be very nice and sweet.

I didn't think that Lee really liked her since he said that she wasn't "good looking enough" for him. Insert HUGE eye roll here. Like HE is SO great or something! BLECK!! LOL and she isn't ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Lee is a freak.

anyway....they started making plans to move in together. Into my Inlaws basement (which is were Lee lives now). My MIL doesn't believe in living together before marriage. so, they were going to go to the JOP and get married. She just converted to Catholicism, so I was surprised she was willing to not have a church wedding. Plans have changed now though and she is moving to mississippi and lee is moving down there with her. I am guessing that since they won't be living with my MIL that the marriage is not going to happen now. But who knows?

of course...kyle knows nothing. I ask questions and he has NO idea because he WON'T ask questions. How weird is that?!? LOL

So..that's the Lee/Lanie update. I'll keep you all posted!! ;)


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