Thursday, August 18, 2005

The interview

Kyle just called on his way home from the interview. He was there for 2 hours and 15 minutes!! He had to watch a video, take a math test with geometry and algebra on an 85% He liked this question a lot ( ;) ) have a 5 foot ladder and a 4 foot wall how far out do you need to put the ladder so that the top of the ladder rests on the top of the wall? LOL then he had a test on maps...".here is the city, what is the quickest way to get from point a to point b?"...type stuff. then he had an interview where he was asked those stupid interview questions like, "Tell me about a time you felt most satisfied or unsatisfied at your job" and "Tell me about a time you helped to satisfy an unhappy customer." Bleck! I hate interview questions. then, he handed him a pen and told Kyle to sell it to Kyle told him about the pen and the guy asked how much it was and K said $4.99...the guy asked if he could give him a better price and K said..unfortunately not..the pen is $4.99.

So, K doesn;t feel he did well and said he will be amazed if he gets the job. I hope he is wrong. He was there with 2 other guys and one of the guys only got a 60 on his math I guess that takes that guy out of the running. ;) I'll keep you posted!


Lynda W said...

My fingers are crossed for Kyle and the job! I hope they let you guys know soon! The waiting has got to be the hardest part!

Cindy said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I hate the whole interviewing process. Just tell him he got the job! LOL!