Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Kyle spoke with his mom last night she said the dr came in to check on my FIL and looked at his foot/lower leg...this is the spot where the bone came through the flesh....and sniffed around it and said that it is "rotten". MIL says that it is black. They are bringing in an orthopedic surgeon for a consult today. K told his mom that it sounds like they are thinking about amputating it. She was surprised and went to talk to the nurse about it...and the nurse told her that yes, that was why the surgeon was being called in...and that they would be doing xrays today.

After icing him down for awhile they got his temp down to 100.3 and he started to become more lucid. No word from them yet today. K has an appt at 12:30 for a horrid ear infection and then he will call and check in with them when he gets home.

I'm thinking another trip to TN may be in our near future.


Cindy said...

Oh gosh...I'm so sorry. He really has hung in there so long. I'm sorry amputation is seeming like a possibility, but if it's what's needed to save his life, I hope it does that. (((hugs)))