Thursday, March 10, 2005


My heart hurts so bad for one of our friends. Actually, she is the daughter of one of my moms good friends but I have known her her whole life.

Stephanie was on the way to her OB appt on Tuesday and lost control of her car and hit a tree and a pole. Power lines fell on her car which made her unable to be rescued for 45 mins! She was helicoptered to a local hospital where they immediately induced her and took the baby by c-section. He was a perfect little boy, weighing 8lbs 12 oz. He never showed any brain activity and had multiple seizures and lost kidney function. He died yesterday with his mommy never seeing him or holding him or even knowing he was here. There is some comfort in knowing that he felt no pain and that he is with Jesus. But my heart just breaks for his mommy and his family.:-(

Stephanie has a crushed femur, both of her clavicles are broken, and her liver is lacerated. Her brain is bleeding and has a lot of pressure on it. the pressure had subsided some but it is back up again today. I guess brain pressure goes from 0-8 and hers was 26??? Of course we are all praying and her parents think she is going to pull through and be ok...but she sure has a long road ahead of her if she does pull through.

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.


Renee said...

Definitely praying for them. I am so sad for them:-(