Saturday, September 24, 2005


Nice title, huh?

I have been in a blah mood lately and not willing to put forth the HUGE (ha ha) effort it takes to blog. How sad is that?

Kyle had 2 interviews this past week. He has decided he doesn't want the one, even if they offer it to him. And will probably go with the 2nd one. It is a promotional/marketing type job.

I have started training to work for the IRS and I am hating that. LOL Training just sucks. I wish they would just leave me alone and let me figure it out myself. I don't do well when I have to listen to others questons and having them stop the trainer every 2 mins. UGH. i was SO antsy the other night I thought I was going to go insane before she finally dismissed us. 1 more week and then we will be on our own, woohoo!! One of the reasons it is so frustrating is that I did this SAME job last tax I know most of it. Give me a refresher tell me whats changed and send me on my way! GEESH!

Kyles dad had surgery this past week. The place on his foot that was believed to be gangrenous is evidently not. He was moved back to UT hospital and they did a bypass on his leg with a "fake" vein to get blood flow down to the foot and hopefully speed healing. After surgery, he was having a lot of "A fib" episodes, his BP was very low, etc. So, they moved him to the ICU. he is doing better and is in a normal room now. He must be quite the fighter..he has surpised us several times now.

We are heading to VA in Novemeber with Renee. My MIL has a timeshare in williamsburg and can;t use it this year. So we are going and invited Renee and her family to join us. I am REALLY looking forward to it. I have never met Renee before and I have "known" her since before Logan was this trip is definitely a long time coming! :)

My plans this weekend consist of working for LiveOps, cleaning my house, and sitting on my rear. LOL I *think* I am going to church tomorrow night.

Speaking of church....I went to a new one last week, it was a nice service. i was VERY tired though and was fighting sleep BIG time. SO...... LOL


BAC said...


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Cindy said...

You and Renee are gonna have so much fun together! Be sure to take lots of pics, or you know I'll kick your butt. ;-)

Sounds like you and Kyle are definitely keeping busy! I didn't know you were doing IRS work again!

I miss you!

Lynda W said...

Yaaaa!! A new blog entry! ;)

I am glad to hear that Kyle's father is holding is own and doing okay. It sure was touch and go there, wasn't it? He definitely has a lot of fight left in him.

My fingers are crossed for Kyle and the job!

You and Renee are going to have so much fun! I can't wait to see the pictures of your get together.

Renee said...

Is it November yet?!!lol