Thursday, September 01, 2005

Being a Cheerful Giver

I get a monthly email from Lisa Whelchel (She used to be Blair on The Facts of Life.) I came across her website a few months ago and signed up for the newsletter. I really enjoy it. She seems to be such a great christian and reading the newsletters give me chills and make me want to be a better person. :) So, last month (or maybe the month before) she said something about the Lord wanting us to be "cheerful givers" so, I have really been working on that. When this horrible thing with hurricane Katrina happened I wanted to do something but with Kyle not working and no unemployment coming in we are more than broke! So, I was trying to figure out a way to be a "cheerful giver" and had decided to donate blood. In hindsight, I should have just decided on an amount to give and had faith that the Lord would take care of us. But I have faith issues sometimes. LOL As it turns out He had a plan for me anyway. the company that I work for has been hired to take calls for the Red Cross for the next 2 weeks...including the telethon they are having friday night. At the end of the "drive" we will be able to donate a portion (or all) of our pay to the Katrina victims. I am just SO excited about it. Not just that I am able to help in a way but that He made a way for me to be able to help when I didn't think there was a way. that He knew the desire of my heart was to be a "cheerful giver" so he made it so I can do just that. His love for me amazes me.

I am still going to donate blood. :)


Lynda W said...

I didn't know Blair had a website. LOL I used to watch Facts of Life all the time. It seems, based on her website, that she is a good person.

That is terrific that you will be helping out the Red Cross. That is a wonderful way to contribute. WTG!