Saturday, March 26, 2005


The tags on the Jeep expired LAST May. In order to get tags the car has to past an emission test. Kyle wasn't working last May so we didn't have the money to do it so we just didn't drive the Jeep and drove the Dodge instead. At some point this winter the Dodge started overheating and Kyle worked on it forever and couldn't fix it and we didn't have the money to get it fixed so, we parked it and started driving the Jeep. We got 30 day tags and drove it for a couple weeks and then the muffler did whatever a muffler does when you need a new one! So, we knew we would have to have that fixed before it would pass e-check. Again, money was an issue. We got our tax return and that was on the list of things to do. then K lost his job! :( SO, the muffler was put on the back burner so we could eat and pay bills. We have been driving on expired tags since Jan 1 of this year. Yesterday, I took the car to the muffler place to get the muffler replaced so I can do e-check and get tags. IN FRONT.....IN FRONT of the muffler place I got pulled over and got a ticket for expired tags!!! Can you believe THAT?!? I explained to the cop that I knew the tags were expired but I couldn't pass e-check until I got the muffler fixed and I was going RIGHT THEN to get the muffler fixed. He said that he understood but it was still illegal to drive the car. I said, well, I had to drive it to get it here...and he asked for my license! poophead. so he took my license and I sat in the car and cried. It is a $90 ticket. I know it was bound to happen sooner or later...and I kind of expected to get a ticket for it and was surprised it hadn't happened before now, but I think it happening right in front of the muffler place makes it harder to accept! LOL

Kyles unemployment was approved yesterday and I am so relieved. I was considering going to buy something "cheap" to wear to church on Easter, but now that I got that ticket, I can't justify spending the money on clothes. I get so frustrated. Everytime our money situation looks better and I think I can breathe a little, something else happens.

The muffler guy caled last night and said the catalytic (sp?) converter needs replaced as well as the muffler and exhaust pipe. $408! Mom was paying for it but only had $275. the guy is going to try to patch the catalytic thing and if that works, then the price will go down a lot. If he can't, he is going to replace it and mom said she will still pay for it. She is such a good mom and is so good to us. I really don't knwo what we would have done without her help in the last year. My fingers are crossed that the thing can be patched so it will be cheaper. It will be done today...hope I don't get a ticket when I drive it home!!


Renee said...

That totally BLOWS!! I am SO mad at that cop!lol