Thursday, April 28, 2005

Take Posession Day

At 12 pm my mom will take posession of her new home. It is SO exciting! She is picking me up at 10:30 to go and get (more freaking) boxes and then we will come back and check out her new "PAD" ;-) Tomorrow the painter was supposed to come (I'll get to that in a minute), then Saturday her new furniture is being delivered, and her actual move-in day is Monday. I am so so excited!!

so, about the painter. she hired this guy to paint about a month ago. He is a guy that we used to attend church with. He came and measured and quoted her a price, she hired him and set up the paint date as the 29th. he called yesterday and said that he isn't finished with his current job so they will need to set up a new time for him to come...and that it will have to be AFTEr next week!! the whole purpose of him coming on the 29th was so he could paint before the new furniture arrived. SO, we are going to buy the paint today and will do it ourselves. that sounds like SO much fun!! HA!


Renee said...

YAY MOM!!! I hope the painting is/went well!:-)