Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Process of my thoughts

I thought process is so odd sometimes. I start by thinking about one thing and end up thinking about something totally unrelated--but can totally go back and explain my thought process if need be. LOL

During one of these thought processes yesterday I remembered my MIL saying something to my mom after I had Logan. It was something to effect of "the nice thing about having a daughter is that you KNOW the grandkids are yours..with a daughter in law you can never be sure". Isn't that amazing?!!? I guess I should have had a paternity test to prove Kyle is their dad. *rolleyes*

I'm amazed I even still talk to her. LOL

Weird how a memory from 6 years ago can bring up all the same feelings you felt about something when it first happened, huh?


Jennifer said...

My mother-in-law always said witchy things like that to me, too :( She's gotten better about it, but some things you just never get over. I am ready to move out of here!!!

Jen said...

I wonder if she meant that more figuratively than literally. I have four brothers and I am the only girl. My mom always says that when your daughter has kids you know that they will be the grandkids that you will get to spend time with, when your son has kids they generally spend more time with the maternal grandparents.
You know, she was right!