Friday, April 06, 2007

Ummm..NO..No We Don't!!!

I love my job--I do not love annoying customers that don't listen. Not even customer's really, because the people I am talking about annoy me way before they order. A conversation goes like this:

Me: We accept Visa and Mastercard for payment.

Them: Oh, you don't take Discover?

Me: No, Visa and Mastercard only?

Them: Could I send in a money order or check?

Me: No, we ONLY take Visa and Mastercard.

Them: Do you take check by phone?

Me: NO! We ONLY take Visa and Mastercard--that's IT!

Them: Oh, ok...well nevermind then.

Oh my gosh...try doing that at least 10 times a day!! People just don't listen..I don't know if they think if they ask it will magically become an option or what?!? UGH!

Seriously though, I think offering electronic check processing would be a really good would certainly boost our sales. There has been talk of adding that and a couple other payment options at some point. Of course then, I won't get to have those fun payment method conversations!


Lynda W said...

Do you take American Express? ;) J/K. That would get old really fast!

Lynda W said...

Okay, that is spooky. I put in my info and it came up with lynda W. EEK. It's Jenelle. Why did it come up with that person? Freaky!