Friday, April 06, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

My niece, Ashley's birthday was Wed. It's her sweet 16! I was there when she was born--and can't believe it's been 16 years!!

She is having a big party this weekend--the theme is "hollywood" and they are going all out. red carpet, banquet hall, slide shows, DJ the works. I wish I could be there...but it's Easter weekend for one thing...and I didn't have the $ for an airline ticket. So, here I sit upset that I am missing it--oh well.

I talked to Tammy (my sister) the other night and she was telling me all about the decorations and the center pieces. It sounds like it's going to be so nice. anyway, she made me laugh because she was talking about how many people are going to be there..and then she said the banquet hall people asked her how many of their folding tables did she need to rent. She told them 9 because thats how many centerpieces she has. LOL Hopefully, all the guests will fit at 9 tables!

I made her promise to take lots of pictures...I'll be sure to share them when she sends them to me. :)

In other Ashley news, she has decided she wants to graduate a year early and pursue her modeling career in New York or California. Tammy is freaked about that idea. We'll have to see how all that unfolds.