Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

I had the day off on Friday. The warehouse at work was customer service was closed as well. Well, actually they worked 10-2 but I was asked if I wanted the day off and I did!!

I took Logan to school and then came home and Kyle and I snuggled in bed for awhile while Dylan watched tv, played on the computer, and occasionally came into the bedroom to look for some creature that was evidently hiding under our bed!

We went to pick Logan up at 11 (he had a half day--they were supposed to be off, but that was one of their make up days since they missed so much for snow this year). We then went to Chick-fil-A and had lunch! It was so exciting..they just opened one closer to our house. Yay!

It was pretty cold and snowy so we just stayed home all weekend. I ended up with a lovely migraine and Kyle had a horrible cold. We didn't even color eggs...thankfully my kids never even asked about it--it made me feel less guilty.

They loved their Easter baskets and were nicely spoiled..I bought way too much candy though...that of course I am eating. oink oink

We watched Jesus of Nazareth with the kids...which made me feel less guilty about not going to church.

It definitely was the most uneventful Easter we have ever had. Next year can only be better!