Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sooo mad!!

~~copied from message board~~

Since school started Logan buys his lunch some days and packs others...on days he packs he buys milk to drink. I send in one check for this every month. In all this time it has never been a problem. never. NOW, in April it suddenly is.

He has a seperate teacher for the afternoon--the program is really a half day program but the kids that stay full day get extracurricular stuff like computers, spanish, etc. So..the afternoon teacher... I don't really like anyway. But what she did yesterday really burned me up.

This morning Logan said that she wouldn't give him any milk yesterday! I asked why and he said she said he needed to bring his own drink from home. and he told her no he doesn't he gets milk..and she said need to bring your own drink. So, he didn't have ANYTHING to drink with his lunch of PB sandwich, chips, and oreos! He said, "I don't get anything to drink until lunch anyway and then she didn't let me have my milk and I was SO thirsty!!" It broke my heart and of course I cried over it. Just to think about him being thirsty and an adult---his TEACHER not getting him something, just kills me!

So, I told him I would call the school and he would get milk today--he was so worried and said she wouldn't let him. I assured him that he would have milk. So I took him to school and came home and called the office and pretty much threw a fit--in a sweet way of course. she said she would call me back.

She called back (boy is this getting long!) and said that Mrs. T said that Logan doesn't bring money for milk ever and she has just been giving it to him. and the office lady told her that I send a check every month..and Mrs. T said she didn't realize that. She was just letting him have any extra milk she has leftover from the other kids when and IF she has it. Ok. WHATEVER! So...ALLLLLL this time..she has just been giving him milk "free" (or so she thought) and never sent a note home to say milk is .40??? and REGARDLESS...he's mean to tell let a child go without because he doesn't have money? There is something wrong with that. He should have been given something to drink. even a cup of water.

I am just sooo mad about it. and it is beyond me why she would think that is acceptable or right. He's a "baby"! I feel like going to the school and pulling her hair out. she also told him he needed shoes with velcro (because she didn't want to tie them) and to wear his jacket that zips (because she didn't want to help button the other one) at various times throughout the year. I am SO glad the year is almost over!! the office lady said she couldn't understand why Mrs. T would do that and that I was exactly right..whether he paid or not he should have been given something to drink and any problems with $ should have been directed to me. She assured me it would never happen again and that she was going to have a talk with her. It better not ever happen again.