Saturday, April 07, 2007

Smooth & Silky Summer

As much as I talk about wanting it to be Spring/Summer and warm, the one thing I hate about it, it is all the shaving I have to do. You know, in winter when you wear long can go a few days between shaves and no one is the wiser..except for your significant other who probably doesn't enjoy the bristley feel of your legs. Not so in the spring and gotta shave every couple of days and keep everything all smooth and pretty.

I was with Cindy last weekend (I don't think I blogged about that..I'll have to go insert a post down there and tell you all about it) and we went swimming..before I could get into my suit I had to shower and shave. What a PAIN. I couldn't just go up to my knee..NO..I had to shave all the way up..and I have long legs and fat thighs. Not a quick and easy task!

So, I shaved and got all hairless and now I have some of those stupid ingrown hairs and bumps you get..especially around the bikini (can you still call it that when you would NEVER get into a bkini??) line. It's such a pain..and something I have to look forward to ALL summer. Yay me.

I used to have some stuff called Tend Skin that really helped with ingrown hairs and stupid razor burn. I'll have to get some more. I wish I could get that hair removal laser treatment and just be done with it. Stupid hair.