Saturday, April 21, 2007

Computer issues

I really really like it when things work they way they are supposed to when they are supposed to. Especially my computers.

My computer is how I work, communicate with my friends, BLOG, shop, play games. it's pretty much my life. Yes, it's's just the way it is though.

I am BLESSED to own a desktop and 2 laptops. My oldest lap-top seems to be on the blink. I just KNOW it's trying to die on me. It keeps making a loud whirring noise that I am pretty sure is probably the hard drive going out. I am so annoyed. I mean it was a just a couple months ago I as searching on-line for info about a computer memory upgrade, which we did, and now the darn thing is going to stop working?!?! UGH!!


Jennifer said...

Hey, if you'll e-mail me sometime I'll send you a link where you can get a free trial of backs up your files, pictures, etc to another server in case of "crashes"...I loved the free trial so much I bought the full service...I take so many pictures and am always freaked out about my laptop dying on me and me losing it all!! I LOVE Carbonite!!
And we have two laptops and two desktops...but we have seven people using them, lol!