Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Furniture!!

~~copy and pasted from my message board~~ to me!

When Dylan was a newborn I decided I hated my furniture. Sofa Express was having a no payments, no interest for 18 months sale. So, we took a family trip and picked out a new sectional.

almost 5 years later..we hate it. It hasn't held up well at all, it stains super easy, the back cushions have small holes in the seams that allow pieces of green stuffing to work it's way out and we are just sick of it. Of course we have no $ for furniture so I have just tried to ignore my hate for this furniture.

Last week, we sold our old car that has been sitting in our driveway for almost 2 years for a whopping $300. The plan was to spend that money on a new bathroom sink and paint for the house. Well.....

I was reading Craigslist last night and saw and ad for Furniture for sale and fell in love with the picture. the ad said it was in good kids, no pets, just a single guy. $150. I called him, threw on some clothes and ran over to see it!

It's a Lane brand sleeper sofa and love and white thin stripes. I LOVE it. You know, my living room is done all in red, white, and blue americana theme stuff. These are going to fit in PERFECTLY!!!

The furniture needs cleaned and has a couple areas on the piping around the cushions that are threadbare, but it is very sturdy and sits very nice..not broken down at all...and it's $150! I called K from there to tell him about the "bad" spots and make sure I was making the right decision (my mom went with I didn't go to a strange mans house alone ) and I told him it was definitely better than what we have now..he said, "I could crap in the floor and it would better than what we have right now!" I thought that was funny. So..I gave the guy my $, got a receipt, and said I would be back this week with a truck. He ended up giving my mom a Papaya tree and a coffee plant. (he's moving out of state)

anyway...I'm just super I wanted to share.