Thursday, June 14, 2007

Money Control

I was with Amelia the other night and offered to buy her a coke and she said that she had her own money. I asked where she got it and she said that she sold some clothes at Plato's Closet. I asked her if she was supposed to use the money she made, to buy new clothes. She said, yes and then proceded to buy her own coke. LOL

From experience I know that she's not the best with money. You give her $10 "just in case" and she is determined to spend that $10!!

Since she IS 16 and really needs to learn some responsibility at some point, I think Dad and Lola should think about getting her one of those Visa Buxx cards. It's a debit card that they can deposit money even has like a chore system, if they want to give her money based on a certain chore she completes. They can view where she is using the card (which is also a plus in knowing if she has been where she said she has been)and they can suspend the card if need be. Totally lets them be in control while hopefully teaching her a little responsibility! win win, I say.