Friday, June 15, 2007

Interesting turn of events...

It's a big long story, but my sister might be moving home. I am very excited and am hoping everything works out. The only bad thing is that 3 of my nieces live with their dad in TX and of course will be staying there. So, she will be "leaving" them. However, they are teenagers and they have all left her numerous times...of course going into detail would get me right in the middle of the big long story...and I'm not in the mood. LOL

So, it is what it is..and she may be moving home. They will be here Monday so Shelbea can try out for the soccer team on tuesday night..she is quite the "soccer star" and a lot of wether they move now or next spring has a lot to do with these try outs..since she has already been accepted for a select team there in TX. So, they'll be here to do that...Tammy is going to try to get some interviews scheduled and look at some houses..maybe even contact a realtor or two. It'll be interesting to see how it all works out. They'll be here for Dylan's b-day that will be nice!! :)