Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I haven't posted anything interesting lately. I cheated and stuck a "happy birthday dylan" entry in today because I didn't post it last week like a "good mommy" would have! ;-)

So, Tammy came in town last week and Shelbea tried out for the Select Soccer team...she made it and got on the "A" team, which is apparently a much better team than the "B" team. She was very excited...and we were all excited for her. Tammy had a couple interviews and was offered a job that same day. They have friends in the property management business and were able to put a deposit down on a nice house in the suburbs, in a good school district. So, the move is on...Tammy and Shelbea will be here Friday with mattresses to sleep on and their clothes. Tammy will start her new job on Monday..and Larry and his brother, Rob will be here next week with the rest of the furnishings. I guess Shelbea will be hanging out with us while Tammy works, until school starts. My kids will love that...Kyle not so much, I imagine!

We had Dylan's b-day party last Tuesday night...Tammy, Larry, and Shelbea were here, as well as Dad, Lola, Amelia, mom and Tony. We ordered pizza and had cake and ice cream. It was really a nice time and Dylan enjoyed it.

Wednesday night, I couldn't leave work fast enough..I was so excited to have the next few days OFF! Mom and I went for pedicures and I got the cutest flower on my big toes. CUTE!!

On Thursday...Dylan's actual b-day, we headed down to GA for my cousins wedding. Dylan and I went with dad, Lola, and Amelia. Amelia stayed in our hotel room and it was actually a nice time. The wedding was beautiful and it was very nice seeing my family that I haven't seen in several years. I was close enough to Cindy, that she came and picked Dylan and I up and took us to her house for a few hours for a nice visit. It was so good to see her and I am glad we squeezed in a visit...I told her that it would just be stupid to be in GA and NOT see each other! LOL We headed home on Sunday and I had Monday was so nice not having to work...I'm glad I thought to take it off.

Monday, we took the kids to Clifton Gorge to walk the nature trail and then to Youngs Dairy for lunch and to feed the goats. When we got home, we walked down to moms house and Kyle cleaned out her gutters. BLECK!

Tuesday was back to work for much as I hated to go. Tuesday night we went to Tony's work for the final American Idol night. He placed 3rd and as a going to the American Idol concert when it comes to Colombus in August. Afterwards, we went to Friendlys for ice cream. My kids were NUTSO and I couldn't WAIT to get them home and in bed. I felt like I had run a marathon after dealing with them. They can be SUCH PAINS sometimes!!

Ok..I think that gets me caught I can feel like less of a slacker. Of course I have pics I need to post..and I'll get to it at some point. Hopefully, sooner rather than later!!