Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation Thoughts

Kyle and I were discussing where we want to go on vacation, IF we can scrape together some money for it. We asked the kids and they want to go to a cabin on a lake and rent a boat. There are some places not to far from here, that the rates aren't too god-awful. I'll have to check some more into it. We wouldn't be able to go until my job ends on 8/31, which means I will have to take Logan out of school for a few days. Not that that will be a problem since his school encourages family trips, etc.

Kyles aunt and uncle are building a house right on the lake in TN and I can't wait for it to be we can visit them and vacation CHEAP! LOL They are retiring of course, so it will be another 18 months or so before they get down there..the house will be done soon it will just be sitting there un-lived in. Kyle is going to try to talk them into renting it out by the week untile they can move down full time. I'm not sure they will go for sounds like it's going to be REALLY nice!

They are so cute...typical retired couple...she is in to rubber stamps and making greeting cards and he is all about golf. He is usually talking about some new Callaway golf item he has purchased or wants. I know they will be so happy when they can focus on their hobbies full time.

Anyway, I am hoping I get a job lined up so we can spend a small piece of my "bonus" on our vacation. and I hope I can find some place nice for us to go!


Jeremy said...

Try TICA cabins in Blue Ridge GA. they are great. Stayed there in May and a great bunch of people.