Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So Scary I Gotta Watch it Anyway

Do you like scary movies and books? I do! I don't but I do...if that makes sense. They scare the ever livin' bejeebies out of me, but I can't not watch, or read as it were. It's a sickness!

This topic, why? because I just watched the trailer for this 1408 Movie, it's the new Stephen King movie and I SO want to see it! Just watching the trailer made me *GASP* least twice! LOL

I grew up with Stephen King books in my life and Kyle has always been a big Stephen King fan as well, it's actually his "fault" I ever started reading Stephen books or seeing the movies. Before we were ever married, we watched "IT" together. and to this day we will sometimes say, "they all float down here, Richie!" LOL One of the first Christmas books my mom got Kyle was the Stephen King book, Bag of Bones, then I read it...since then he reads the books first and then I read them..I guess I figure if he read it and didn't get scared to death, it must be ok for me too!

So, back to this 1408 Movie, I am so excited to see it. We don't go to the movie theater much..but we might have to make a date out of this and go. Besides being a Stephen King fan and going to see it for that...John Cusack is in it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE him, (he is SO on my "list" *wink wink*)!