Saturday, June 30, 2007

She got it!!

Tammy called this morning and said the house is hers! I asked her if she wanted to look at some other properties and she said she had talked to 3 different landlords this morning and no one was willing to work with her on the credit check thing and that a credit check couldn't be done until Monday..and she has to start her job on that is their predicament and this lady is willing to meet her at noon today and give her the keys!!

So, I am heading over there in a few minutes with a bucket full of cleaning supplies, my trusty Dyson and some Febreeze. LOL Hopefully, we can get it nice and sparkling and make her feel a little better about it. :-)

In other, sadder news. Ted, (the step-FIL) died at 9:15 last night. Tammy was very glad she was with Jeannie (MIL) and able to stay with her last night. Tammy said Jeannie is very disoriented and just very very sad. I'm sure it helped immensely to have her only grandchild with her as well.


Cindy said...

Yay, that's great! I'm glad she got it.