Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tammy update

So, Tammy and Shelbea headed up here on Thursday night...right before they left, their "friend" the property manager guy, called and told her the house they rented while she was here 2 weeks ago, was actually rented to someone else and he was "sorry". So...she is starting her new job on Monday and has no home. Nice, huh?

If that isn't enough, her MIL's husband, who has been sick for awhile, ended up in the hospital with kidney failure and on a ventilator. They were going to move him to a bigger hospital but couldn't get him stable enough for the move. I don't know all the details, but he got progressively worse and today they removed the ventilator..he died...the even said "time of death"..everyone was crying..the wife was sobbing and laid her head on his chest and then, he started breathing. The nurse said, "oh my god! he doesn't want to leave". When I talked to tammy at 8:30 pm he was still breathing on his own...but the dr said it was only a matter of time until his heart stopped. :( So, Tammys husband is on his way here and then will fly back to TX next week to drive the moving truck back here for the move. He is actually driving the van full of some of their stuff. Of course they have no where to move it into since they have NO HOUSE! *sigh*

So, I went with her to see one house's nice but's in a great school district. she gave the lady her number and references and she said she would make a decision tomorrow. Tammy doesn't LOVE it..because it is old and kinda run down..not run down I guess..just not updated at all. So, in the meantime we are going to look at some more houses tomorrow...if we can find any in the area she wants to live in...the main thing is getting in a good school she will need to live in one of the suburbs...but not TOO far out because her and Larry both will be working in the city. Keep hyour fingers crossed that they get the house we saw tonight or she finds something else. God knows I don't want them all living with me!! :-)