Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Ultimate Gift

I don't get out to see movies often because they are expensive..and well, I am poor. That, and I don't have a babysitter very often. Anyway, recently I heard about this movie that has me really wanting to go and see it.

This is the official site of the movie "The Ultimate Gift" and the grass-roots movement its starting to help charities and give to others. This movie started as a book that I guess has been key in prompting people to give to others, connect with friends and family, and help those in need like never before. What a concept, huh? I'm a big fan of anything that makes the world a little brighter and people a little more caring.

The weekend of March 9,10&11 has been slated the "Weekend of Giving", for this movie. There will be several opening screenings of The Ultimate Gift all over the US and Canada, and each and every one of them is an opportunity to raise donations for non-profit organizations – including those closest to your heart. Throughout the “Weekend Of Giving”, $1.00 of every ticket purchased for The Ultimate Gift will be donated to the charitable group of your choice, thanks to a special partnership with the Fox Film Fund. What's really neat is that your organization can sign up and get a code and take part in such a great movement..and benefit from it. I am going to tell Logan's school (since he attends a private school) about it on Monday...what a great fundraising opportunity! will give me a good reason to get a sitter and have a date with Kyle.

I think this movie is definitely going to be a "must see"..write it on your calendar...spread the word.