Saturday, February 10, 2007

Payday Buffer

I am really so amazed that since October I have made over $470 with PayPerPost. It has been easy and enjoyable and has really provided a nice buffer between paychecks.

When I first became interested in adding sponsored content to my blog and started PayPerPost, I had decided that any money I made was going to go into our Disney fund so we could take the kids to Disney World. Plans have since changed. LOL It was a nice idea and would have worked wonderfully..but the truth is..when you only get paid once a month..sometimes you need a buffer between paydays. It seems like every month, right before payday we are BROKE and we need gas or milk or something and that PPP money has been a godsend! It's really nice because it is deposited in my paypal account and I can use my paypal debit card for instant access. Actually, I guess that is good AND bad...I bet if I didn't have the debit card, more of that money would have been saved. Oh do whatcha gotta do, ya know?

One of the best things about PPP is that the money is constantly coming in, right now I get a deposit every few days..sometimes twice a day. My "goal" is to make 2 PPP posts a day so I get 2 deposits a day...but I haven't become that disciplined yet. Which is really sad since it is so easy to make money this way. But laziness is one of my biggest problems..I'm working on it though!