Friday, February 09, 2007

Review My Post..

I am so excited. I have been doing PayPerPost since October and have made over $470. I know I sing the PayPerPost praises quite frequently, but I can't help it! It is really easy and the wonderful people there have just made it even easier. Not only easier to make money, but easier to promote my blog in general. ask?? With a new feature that has just been implemented that allows anyone reading my blog to click on a specified badge and be directed to payperpost where they can sign up and then make a post on THEIR blog about MY blog. That person gets paid, I get paid..and my blog gets a lot more views. It's really a win win can't beat that!!

I added the new badges/links to my blog earlier this week and I am only a little obsessed with checking my stats to see how many people have clicked on them and if anyone has signed up yet LOL That's pretty typical of me...I check my e-mail 50 times a day too. So, if you haven't on a link..check out PayPerPost and sign up! It will make my day to see the number of clicks go up!!! *grin*