Thursday, February 15, 2007

High Traffic = Big Money

I added a counter to the bottom of my blog. I like to see how many visitors I get...where they come from, what they searched they found me. I'm actually a little bit obsessed with it and check on it at least 3 times a day. What?!? It makes me feel loved!! LOL

Since such a big part of my blog are my PayPerPost posts I wonder how many people are also in the PPP world..and how many people are a little curious..but haven't yet taken that plunge. Of course my counter doesn't give me specifics like that! Go figure!

I have actually been looking for ways to get more traffic to my blog so that I can take these high paying opportunities that PPP is now offering. Some of them even pay $1000!!! I just need more traffic!!!

I really wish I could convey to people how wonderful PPP is. I TRY to do that with my exciting posts (*wink*) and I really hope that I am making people interested and really want to make money blogging. I know that PPP is one of the best avenues for this type of advertising out there.

Even though I only blog about things that truly interest me...or that I feel compelled to share..I like that PPP requires all bloggers to include a disclosure policy on their blog. That way, my readers know that I DO include commercials on my site and I'm not trying to be sneaky about it.

I've said it before (several times) and I'll say it again...Check out PayPerPost today!!