Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love is in the air

With Valentine's day coming up it has me thinking a lot about love and how happy I am I am in a relationship....and in love.

Standing in the kitchen this morning with Kyle, with our arms wrapped around each other waiting for our toast to pop up, I asked him if he thought anyone else was as in love as we are? LOL

I want everyone to have this kind of love. This kind of completeness. I am so very blessed in that I found Kyle (way back) in High School and haven't had to venture out into the world of single people an dating. I know my single friends and I have talked about if you aren't in school and you don't go to church and you don't hang out at do you meet people TO date?

I have encouraged them to join some type of online dating service..yet no one has taken my advice. (Which makes NO sense to me since I am ALWAYS right! *wink*) Maybe it is the cost of those services?? Well, guess what. In my random searching around on the internet..I found a place that offers Free Online Dating!! You can't beat free, right? This site offers everything those "other" dating sites offer, but completely free. They will never ask for a credit card. Love is only as far as your computer...what are you waiting for?? Honestly, the best thing you could do is...