Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life is Short

Mom and I went to lunch and out shopping today and while we were at lunch we were discussing my sisters MIL and the fact that since her husband has died she quit working. Mom asked why she quit and I explained to her that she no longer NEEDS to work..with his pension and her SS starting in 2 months and all the money they have in IRA's etc and his life insurance. She's pretty set and doesn't want to work in a factory anymore...who can blame her..she's old.

Mom said she hoped that I would learn from that and start thinking about retirement so when I am her age I can be "set". That conversation led to "HA! I can barely afford to live..much less save!" But I know she is right. Something else we need is life insurance. I have it..but K doesn't...he had it with his job...but since he no longer has that..... Maybe I will check into Globe Insurance or something like that. I know that if he dies I'd like to have money to bury him...can't keep him in my freezer or bury him in the backyard!