Monday, July 16, 2007

Better Late than never..

We finally got my kids their special gifts this weekend. Dylan's was his b-day present and Logans was his K graduation present. I was supposed to buy them last month and then money got we had to wait until this month. (have I said that getting paid once a month SUCKS?!?)

Anyway, they both got new bikes. Dylans came with training wheels but Logan was confident that he could learn to ride a 2-wheeler. Needless to say, he has been frustrated and crying a lot the last couple days. We put Dylans training wheels up to the highest point so they are just barely touching the ground and both boys are taking turns riding it. I'm hoping that once Logan gets use to the feel of pedaling..balancing etc, he'll get the hang of riding his bike. If he would just be patient and not get SO upset!! The child has serious frustration issues...which is why, at 6, he still can't tie his shoes. *rolleyes*

I'll post pics soon!! They're pretty cute in those dorky helmets...thank God I didn't have to wear one when I was a kid!! ;)