Monday, December 04, 2006

People that make me shake my head

It is beyond me why people have a problem with PayPerPost. What I choose to blog about should be up to me. If I choose to have "commercials", if you will, on my blog that should be fine...what's it to the nay-sayers anyway? The content of my blog has NO effect on them.

The reason I am posting about this again, is because there is this guy, Mike,who is badmouthing PayPerPost (again, from what I understand) and the newly launched He even goes so far as to call PPP ethically challenged and to say he can't wait for the episode where Ted goes to jail. nice. mature. Can you SEE why I a shaking my head at this guy?

I am guessing he never learned "if you have nothing nice to say keep your mouth shut" and I am guessing the reason behind his anger is nothing more than a text book case of jealousy. I know people like him...they can't stand the fact that they weren't smart enough to think up something so brilliant/wonderful/fantastic and it irks them to NO end. So, bad mouth they will...and I'll just keep shaking my head (and raking in the money!!).